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Household Safety Matches Manufacturer in UK

Date posted: 2018-02-04 12:34

Apex Match Consortium India Private Limited is focussed on providing safety matches to households and smokers. Having been in the safety matches industry for 10 years now, we have seen steady growth in our operations and have also achieved a remarkable position in the domestic and overseas market. Our prime focus is on African countries, Latin America and Eastern Europe while our secondary focus is on countries like UK, USA and Europe.

Wooden Safety Matches

Wooden safety matches manufacturer is apt for use in the kitchen to light the stove. They can also be used to light fireplaces, campfires, camp stoves or barbecues. The safety match box is made of fine quality duplex board for both in and out.

Wax Safety Matches

Wax safety matches manufacturer are most commonly used by smokers. It is apt for smoking purpose and can be used in applications where long and bright flames are required. We use paraffin wax and phosphorus to manufacture these safety matches.

Long Stick Household Matches

The long stick safety matches manufacturer are household safety matches with longer splints which allow the flame to be lit for a longer time. It is ideal for use in homes.

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